Friday, 16 July 2010

Write And Praise BBC Birmingham

... for this fabulous radio interview.  Shane O'Connor does what all journalists and presenters should do... have a perfectly normal conversation, about something, without setting it into all the myths and misinformation, or acting like it's not normal.

In terms of affecting our culture, writing and praising for positive approaches, does more than writing and complaining.  If you've ever written a complaint about shoddy journalism, sensationalism and bias in reporting breastfeeding issues, PLEASE write and praise this interviewer, and this production team.  They were even accurate on the law in England & Wales!  (Which won't please some!)

And do note, pressure to breastfeed etc, was covered without any problem, as it CAN BE.  You don't need a divisive agenda when discussing this issue.  Mothers are mothers, babies are babies: hungry babies get fed.

Articulate, intelligent and open handed interviewing on this subject, is possible.  PLEASE reward this team!

Write to BBC Birmingham itself:  click the 'contact us' button.  Or email here.

Also copy your comments to BBC Head Office:  scroll the comments box to 'appreciation'.

And weren't Kat and Claire, just wonderful?  *rounds of applause*

(Interview is the first 45 minutes of the show.)


Claire Harris said...

Aww Morgan! *blush* Thank you!

He was lovely, he couldn't get his head around the problem, why it's not protected and why people have a problem.

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