Sunday, 18 July 2010

Have Fun Tomorrow!!!!

This is Elaine Scully, and her son, Robin.  Due to my son coming down with a high fever and being Quite Poorly, Elaine will be the main presence at Westminster tomorrow.  Which is only fitting, as she is in London, and is heavily involved in supporting mothers.  :-)

Just look out for her bright red hair, If All Else Fails.  

All the directions and instructions you need for the Westminster event, are here.  We meet in the large semi-circle of grass, with the small tree (for shade) in it, behind the Rodin Statue.  Last year there was a toddler group there as well, with toddler trucks and push along and toys.  That's not us!  

Elaine is very nervous about dealing with the MPs who are coming along.  Help her out ladies!  It's just nerves.  :-)

The regional picnics are here, although there are informal ones in Durham and Leeds as well.  I'll update all that link info, as I go along today.

Next Year's Picnic is all set - for the weekend of June 18th and 19th, 2011.  Explanation on why the changes, here.

If you want to organise a local picnic for next year, join this yahoo group.  You will be sent a pending message, and full instructions.

If you want to attend a picnic, either keep an eye on this blog, or join this Facebook Group.

Have fun everyone!  It's the UK, don't forget sun screen, woolly jumper and an umbrella!  ;-)

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Sundancer said...

Looking forward to it Morgan :) I'm now *really* hoping that we get a good few mamas along, knowing that there are a few that can't make it!

Oh, and praying for decent weather of course!