Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Personal Indulgence

People, I have a wonderful joke to share with you, and to ask you to take part in.

Forgive me bringing a totally personal post to this space, but you'll see why, oh you'll laugh!  :)

I published a fiction novel on Sunday past.  I have been talking about it in my Facebook space, and a lot of you on this subscribe list, will know of it.  Some of you will not.  I keep the two blogs, and identities, separate.

Or that was the plan!

Completely spontaneously, a fellow writer just declared war on me, about milking cows!  Now, this is so sweet.  It's sweet for a couple of reasons.  One, I think it's very clever of Alan to whip up some publicity for an interview I'm giving on his blog tomorrow, by doing this.  He didn't warn me, didn't bring me in on the plan, he just launched off the cliff.  Which I take as a huge compliment.  And I've responded in kind.


Oh Great Milk Of Lake, however... he has NO IDEA!  He genuinely does not have a clue,why I picked up on the fact in a review of his novel, that he'd made a substantial error, by not having his milking cows milked.  He'd had them left in a field, un-milked, for a couple of days, and didn't mention the cows again.

Now, obviously, that's a mistake a lot of men would make!  And that I picked up on it, when I reviewed the book, he was genuinely grateful about.  But I think it's so sweet he's called war on me, as a joke, and HE DOESN'T KNOW a thing about my lactation profile.

I can hear you smiling.

So pretty please peeps, let's have some fun with this.  Please bombard Alan's blog comments, about how he's such a fool to call me out about milking!  About how he really shouldn't have picked on me, to have a fight about lactation.  Pretty please?

It's just a bit of fun.  It is all in good humour, and it will all fade and die in the next day or so.  It's just a cute little publicity stunt, and I'd like to do this for him.  Let's try for a good 20 to 30 comments, about how he shouldn't have picked on this Mama, to argue about milk.  Please?

And keep it nice and light.  This is all in good humour, and I only want to make him smile.  If you are on Twitter, you can tweet him on @AlanRyker and you can comment on his blog post here.

I'm @DreyfussTrilogy, and my responding blog post is here.

Come on, have some fun.  I promise I'll not do this again.  :-)