Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cheers Stroud!

It's just soooooo nice, when a local newspaper reports properly!

And we need cheered up sometimes, and this is very cheering!

Reporters who can report!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Breastfeeding Past 3 Years

Ann Sinnott is writing a book about breastfeeding older children and she needs to speak to mums with that experience.

“As the book is nearing completion, I thought I’d invite mothers who haven’t previously participated in my surveys (including the online survey) to do so now. Any interested mothers should email me at ann.sinnott@googlemail.com with their name in the subject field, and let me know their country and the ages of any currently breastfeeding children, and the ages of any that have weaned (last feed), by 14 Aug 09.

Am especially interested in mothers bfdg 3yr olds and older. Mothers feeding younger children who intend/wish to continue until their children are older, are also welcome to participate.

If, as an individual mother, you previously took part in one of the surveys, I’d be grateful for an update on your breastfeeding status. Email me details, with your name in subject field so that I can easily correlate with your previous submission.

If you cannot remember whether or not you have previously taken part, just send info to ann.sinnott@googlemail.com.

Many thanks for your continued co-operation. By the way both Sheila Kitzinger and Naomi Stadlen (What Mothers Do) have read the typescript and commented favourably.

Best wishes


Edit: Book published 1st January, 201- - pre-order here.