Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A Chink in the Barbed Wire....?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Morgan! It is only because of your hard work and the work of those you alerted that this issue came to light. Lets hope for better treatment for mothers and babies in the future.

Ailbhe said...

"The access to medical care at Yarl's Wood is the same as the access to medical care that you or I have. We've no evidence to suggest that there have been real problems..."


(Um, well done and all, but I'm crying here, so...)

Morgan said...

I've just in a meeting, where they don't want me to quote who was in it, or what was said... but in which this same phrase was repeated. When I challanged, on a topic they don't want me to mention, I was told "Oh no, we don't do that" and the phrase changed from "same as NHS provision" to "commensurate with NHS provision".

Ho hum.