Friday, 25 January 2008

Please Support Baby Milk Action

For those of you who might not be aware of it, Baby Milk Action, who work from the UK, organise the world wide Nestle boycott. They also work in the UK in upholding and protecting the Code, and are now embroiled in a legal case as the formula industry has moved in the High Courts, to block a new agreement on restricting encroachment on Code issues in the UK.

I've also just noticed today, that they are so short of funds, they are on reduced hours. They have a system by which anyone can make a small 3 UK pounds (about 5 USA dollars) donation to their work, by clicking on a 'donation' button.

You can find details of the court case, and the donation button on:

They also sell ethical products, such as breastfeeding calenders, mugs, t-shirts etc, if you have a bit more money and need to buy some pressies.

They need money! If you can, please help. :-)


(Nothing whatsoever to do with Baby Milk Action herself!)

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