Thursday, 22 March 2012

Deleted By Google - Farce Doesn't Cover It

Having gone through all my posts, I've found that all these images have been deleted out by Blogger/Google.

No notifications.  No warnings.  Nothing.  Found by accident.  One post deleted entirely.  I'll leave you to decide what's wrong with all these....
(I put it back!)

Hey Blogger - delete this one, go on, I dare you!!!!

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arwen_tiw said...

Blogger summarily deleted the photographs of my homebirth, three pictures, because ONE of them showed a nipple and two might have if you could have zoomed right in and used a lot of imagination (since in those two my breasts were fully submerged in murky water)! I put them onto Flickr and slotted them back in, and they're still there five years later.

I can't actually express how thoroughly pissed off I was to have pictures of my seconds-old baby daughter removed from my personal blog because of my nipple. Seriously? What a farce.

Context is everything, surely? Why do we have to reiterate over and over; there is nothing inherently sexual about a nipple. End of story.