Saturday, 30 January 2010

Drawing A Family Together...

This is baby Ben, drawn by his father, Mark.

Mark hasn't seen him for a day or two, as he's finding the trek out to the Mother & Baby Unit where Kerry & Ben are, a difficult slog with no money and poor to non-existent public transport. He's had problems getting credit onto his phone, to call her. He's managed to get Kerry a cell phone, that works in Ireland, but so far, there hasn't been enough money for them to connect.

Being a responsible Dad, he's been trying to raise money by his trade - he's an artist. Ireland will welcome him with open arms, I'm sure - they have a wonderful policy on encouraging creatives to contribute to the economy. He's selling the two drawings you see here, on Ebay. You have 6 days and a few hours to snap them up. Every penny goes to the family.

Things are moving along, if slowly and somewhat frustratingly. Kerry & Ben arrived at the mother and baby unit on Thursday, and are very happy with the welcome they received. Nursing Matters helped arrange a IBCLC from the local area, to attend to Kerry & Ben that day, but there have been delays in getting into the unit. Understandable, given all the issues.

The IBCLC, whom I can't name as that would reveal the county the family are in, and no one wants them hounded out by the media... has everything needed on standby. Her expertise, a good pump, and all the time and patience required. There have been reports of Kerry's milk coming in as she has been cuddling Ben, and that's excellent. However, getting a baby back to the breast exclusively can be much more challenging than just getting the mother's milk in, so we'll update as soon as Kerry has had professional assessment and support. Hopefully, before the weekend is out. The Irish IBCLCs are fully behind this family, and are networking amongst themselves to make sure this family has everything it needs.

Others have been working like trojans, and the family finally have legal support in Ireland. Two professionals are working pro bono (free of charge) for the family from today. Rather awesome, that thought: they've got this far, just on their own. So much for Kerry being too stupid to have a baby... and not be able to understand legal matters thoroughly.

You see.. they just never believe how fierce Mamas are, and how much they will fight fight fight for their babies.

Faced with not seeing his son... Mark has relented, and will gladly accept your donations. He'll need to pay for accommodation at a local hostel, in order to be near enough to Ben to see him and Kerry. He also needs to keep his phone working for her calls, and to eat. They aren't entitled to anything in Ireland at the moment, and have been living there via charitable support. I'm pretty sure Mark will make sure any monies they get, will be passed back to the charities when he can earn it.

Paypal for them, can go to:

(If you don't know how paypal works, you set up an account that's your email address as the account name, and then you send it to the other account, another email address. If you want them to get the amount you send GIFT it. You can also state what the money is for (lactation support, travel and hostel, phone credit) in an instruction box.

Otherwise... cheques, postal orders and bank transfers to...

Nursing Matters banks at Santander, formally Abbey National.

Nursing Matters Sort Code: 09 01 27 Account Number: 24202431

IBAN: GB26 ABBY 0901 2724 2024 31

Cheques etc made payable to Nursing Matters to:

3 Barnsite Close, Rustington, LITTLEHAMPTON, BN16 3QH (West Sussex, England, UK)

If you wish any of the money to got to Nursing Matters, versus lactation support for Kerry & Ben, versus the other agencies supporting them (who are, for instance, paying their rent) please make that clear.

We've worked out that they need £500 uk, to keep them together and healthy, until the next legal hearing. That's before we add in pump and breast expenses. I'm sure we can do that!

Mark and Kerry are totally overwhelmed by your support.

They thank you from the bottom of their heart.

And from deep in Ben's soul.


Lisa RM said...

Thanks for posting how to help them. Off to Paypal now, and linking to your post on Facebook.

Mother of four said...

Indeed, us too clicking over to paypal...

Laura said...

Thank you for posting this with details on how to help the family - I will contribute and spread the word.

Also - gave you a blog award - hop over to mine for details.