Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Vera Baird Responds

BAIRD, Vera wrote:

Yes, that's the entire reply. But at least we got one!

I sent the following:

Thank you. At least we're getting somewhere.

I'm sorry to say, I couldn't see your acknowledgement that I do not support the Bill.

Could you now please explain where in the Bill it explains the recourse available to the mother refusing to leave the premises when asked to do so? This needs to be passed on to mothers who have been asked to leave, so they know what to say if the person in authority states the police will be called if they refuse to leave the premises.

As other reputable sources involved in the Bill being formulated, such as UNICEF UK, has stated that yes, under the law the mother would have to leave, you can understand why it is so pressing to get the details correct from the highest source.

Many thanks

Morgan Gallagher


Claire said...


What's that in answer to? I'm confused :-S

Claire said...

OK, just reread your letter. That means no we don't have to leave? So if we don't leave what then? This is civil law, how do we stop them from calling the police or a security guard and ejecting us?

Morgan said...

Well, I've assumed it's an answer to "If a Mum is asked to leave, does she have to go?"

And on that assumption, I've asked for clarification.

However... it's not exactly clear, is it?

Well, we knew she couldn't read very well... now we know she can't write very well either...

But it is an answer! She's responded to my second email, by telling me to take it to her GEO office... without giving me the eddress.... I did email it to her at GEO... it bounced...

Morgan said...

Exactly. In Scotland, of course, the Mum phones the police and reports harassment. The whole point about what is in the Equalities Bill, is about the Mum bringing action afterwards... hence the question in the first place!

The three questions tabled by Emily's MP were supposed to be answered on Monday past. They've not been answered. I think they 'disappear' if they are not answered by next Tuesday, when the House rises for Summer Recess. (That's why we have the picnics the day before that, of course, to signal the need doesn't go away as they are now on holiday.)

I can't see _how_ a Mum can refuse to leave under civil law. Which is why she needs to give a really clear answer. This is too important - imagine getting arrested for failing to leave, and then saying "But the Solicitor General said it was all right..."

If this is true - whoop whoop whoop and fab - we NEED to know!

Morgan said...

I got the tables responses thing wrong. Often, things Ministers might not like to admit too, are posted after recess, if they've been asked near recess... no one about to read them! (That may be scurrilous gossip, but it makes sense to me...)