Monday, 29 December 2008

If Facebook deleted your photo...

. they did with the one above... please consider sending it here.
It's a women's rights site, and is collecting the photos and health education posters that have been deleted. You can make a personal statement about the photo. They only have a few on there at the moment. As I think it's an important component of social history, to record such details of lactaphobic censorship, I'd ask you to send your photos and pass the message on to others.
So far, many of them, like my second deleted photo from today, were only posted under 'friends only' or in the M.I.L.C. action site. Therefore it's a reasonable assumption, that trollers are making their way through the M.I.L.C. site and reporting photos.
Email your photos to
As a ps... the poster from yesterday appears to be from a cohort of breastfeeding organisations in Argentina. I've also been told that currently, Brazil has a major billboard campaign running for breast cancer awareness, involving many shots of different sized and shaped breasts. No doubt the Brazilian children so exposed, will suffer serious sexual trauma their whole lives! And hopefully no breast cancer! :-)


Paul Rapoport said...

Many thanks for the thoroughly trenchant comments. The social history of lactaphobic censorship indeed: important, and now being documented as described.

I've yet to see a single argument in favour of Facebook's capricious censorship that makes sense. The issues are of course larger, as Facebook both feeds and feeds off not only lactaphobia but massive body phobia, a terrible obsession in the USA but well enough known in Britain.

Bravo to this blog and blogger for countering all that! May the whole world join her . . .

mother in israel said...

Argentina just passed a law requiring pumping space in public offices.