Friday, 16 May 2008

Shame on you Carlton Cards! (Well done Sainsbury's and Tesco's!)

This card was in my eyeline as I walked out of Sainsbury's. Someone had dumped it up front after having picked it up from a back layer. I could see why they'd put it down! I couldn't quite believe how far we'd sunk in our culture, that protests are made when breasts feed babies... but card companies can make money on crude images such as this. And in a supermarket!

The really good news is... Sainbury's were shocked too, and the manager I spoke to at Sainsbury's Bedford, took them all off the shelf without me having to say one word. He just asked what I was complaining about, I opened the card, and his first words were "I do apologise, are there more on the shelf?" When I pointed to them, he lifted them off there and then. I suggested he phone head office to phone round the other stores.
So if you have a moment, please contact Sainsbury's and congratulate them for this prompt response. A 'thank you' for a job well done, is worth more than a thousand complaints. I know it's easier to write, phone or email an outraged complaint... but, if we find good people doing good things, we need to empower them to do more good things. As I said, I didn't have to say one word - the cards were off the shelf within seconds of him seeing one.

As he was apologising for them, I did say I didn't expect him to know every card in the store, and he said that wasn't the point. The point was that the card agent should know better, and they should never have been brought into the store. Good Point!

So who made them? Well, this jolly exploration of what the 'perfect' plastic surgery for breasts would look like, is from Carlton Cards. It's stock number is 146841 - - - 2. All copyright for the images here reserved by them.

And the back of the card, in small print, contains a warning.... that the card is not suitable for those under 3 years of age.
Why is it not suitable?
Because the "Birthday Boy" badge attached to the front, has a sharp, pointy, edge.
If you're in a supermarket, any supermarket, this weekend, and you spot one, do bring it to the manager's attention! :-)
Carlton Cards, Mill Street East, Dewsbury, WF12 9AW
01928 465200 fax 01928 453908
the UK subsidury of Carlton Cards (USA)
Carlton Cards... demeaning women and breastfeeding if it gets us a cheap laugh (and your money)...

EDIT: June 4th

As you can see from the comments, the card turned up at Tesco too. Their response was just as fast, and the card was removed within an hour of my speaking to a manager. Thank you Tesco!!!

EDIT: June 5th

Received a phone call from Sainsbury's HQ confirming that the card had since been removed from every single store and the matter taken up with the manufacturer. Apologies for offence caused. :-)


sareena said...

The mind boggles :(

Kirsten said...

I spotted this in my local Tesco Express last night. Charming.

Morgan said...

I hope you go back and complain when you have the time. If you let me know which Tesco, I'll phone them up if you're too busy!

Kirsten said...

Trafalgar Road Greenwich. I was planning to write a letter to Tescos as I have not too much faith that the store supervisors will understand my objection.

Morgan said...

As it's the weekend, I'll email headquarters, with a copy of the card! I just needed to say which store. I can also let them know that Sainsbury's removed it immediately. :-)

Morgan said...

I emailed an attachment of the card, and the URL for this, in case it was against company policy to open attachments. As long as customer service actually let someone senior see it, they should act quickly. They have a policy on what sort of suitable cards are put on the stands, and this clearly isn't in line with it!

Hopefully, they too will have words with the card agent - which should be very effective!

Morgan said...

And Tesco come through!

"Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to hear that you were offended by the card that we had on sale at our Greenwich Express Store and I would like to apologise for any upset that this has caused.

I have spoken to our Store Manager today and he has agreed to remove the card from our shelves as of now.

I have also forwarded your complaint on to the manufacturer and as soon as I have a response, I shall contact you.

Once again, may I apologise for any upset this has caused.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at quoting TES5162882X.

Kind Regards"

Thank you Kirsten!!!!

Kirsten said...

We went in there earlier this evening and they're gone. Thank you :-)