Saturday, 29 December 2007

Social Services Take Note!

I'm delighted to be able to pass on the news to you, that UK Social Services have had to take a u-turn in the case of Fran Lyon and her unborn daughter Molly.

This news is wonderful on several fronts:

Hopefully, it means Fran can come back to the UK in the future, without wondering if Molly will be snatched at the airport. I'm sure Molly's grandparents will find this of some comfort.

Fran's courage in not only going to the press and fighting her case openly, but the immense courage she showed by leaving the UK, and all her loved ones and possessions, have been shown to be wise and considered decisions.

Social Services have felt the power and strength of those fighting for Fran and Molly, and should be heeding the change in wind: we will not stand for inept, occult and anonymous removals of children from their mothers. There are guidelines - use them!

Those that turn a blind eye to the increasing number of these cases - where children are being removed, or threatened with removal without reasonable cause or due process of the guidelines - will hopefully rethink their complacent position that "there must be more than meets the eye" to this, and always assume Government agencies are acting correctly. Such assumptions do no one any good, least of all the decent and competent Government officials who are as outraged by this sort of stuff as everyone else!

I also hope it will shed more light into the dingy and unsatisfactory Family Courts system.

If we shout loudly enough - they will have to listen. :-)

Personally, I'm delighted for Fran. it will be interesting to see how much wider coverage this story gets in the national press....

Fran, wherever you are - may you have an easy labour and plentiful milk!

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